[ros-general] License issue with OpenSSL and ReactOS (GPL)

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 22 13:29:07 CET 2004

I am out of development for a few weeks but I have some ideas about
using OpenSSL in ReactOS but we have one minor show stoppper. The
OpenSSL license is not compatible with the GPL so any code that links
to OpenSSL is going to need to be either LGPL or GPL with a exception
for OpenSSL. We need to use OpenSSL in a few user-space dlls (wininet,
rsabase, cryptoapi) and in our implementation of the security subsystem
(lsass, ntoskrnl/se, samlib, etc). In the user-space stuff this isnt a
issue as nothing is really implemented anyway but in the security
subsystem side this may cause a problem because we already have some
existing code. Can we license all of ReactOS as GPL and only license
those files that directly link to OpenSSL as "GPL+Exception"? The is a
problem because OpenSSL uses a BSD style advertising clause that is
incompatible with the GPL.


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