[ros-general] dos support in reactos

Jan Tisje jan.tisje at gmx.de
Fri Feb 27 12:50:04 CET 2004


again, i cannot hold back my opinion

> > Longer answer: Because there existing still a lot of programs created for
> > DOS, Win16 and so on. And it would be nice, to can all this older programs
> > run.
> Is it really worth the thousands of hours of work and added complexity of
> ReactOS?

No. it is not. 

List the programs you are using.
any DOS program on this list? 
mh.probably old Norton Commander. But there are many clones supporting
32 bit, even none of them reaching the original.
And so will be with most of the other programs. 

In my experience DOS games never worked acceptable on Win95. 
Just use a VM in this case. 

special software?
I believe ReactOS may risk to force those users towards using MS Windows. 

most current users will not be able to interact with any DOS program. 

btw, please keep in mind that a console program is not required to be a DOS

please leave all this old stuff behind, for better stability. 
Dont you know the stabillity issues in the win16 system? 


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