[ros-general] prog: installation successes

jh replies at mrnobody.uklinux.net
Wed Mar 10 10:56:57 CET 2004

Pentium 3 450Mhz 64mb ram Reactos 0.2.1 

     I have successfully installed the following programmes from cd. I did not alter the suggested file path, 
which was the normal C:\program files 

This runs in ros, but as with some other programmes such as abiword, the buttons are not fully developed, also ' save ' does not work.
This installation failed in ros 0.2.0.

    FileZilla 2.1.2:
This installed ok but rendered ros useless (but not locked up) after finishing installation.
It runs in ros, but I have not used it beyond the profile window.

These and other programmes can be found here:  http://gnuwin.epfl.ch/apps/en/index.html


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