[ros-general] Screenshot AND new Icons for reactos

Jasper van de Gronde th.v.d.gronde at hccnet.nl
Sun Mar 14 11:37:29 CET 2004

They look nice, but could you perhaps do something about the base of the 
monitor in the first icon, it doesn't look very natural to me (it looks 
like a rectangle put on top of an ellipse instead of a box connected to 
a base plate).
I like the last design of the folder though, although the anti-aliasing 
could be better.

Also, in general, does ReactOS support WinXP type icons? (with an alpha 
layer) That would make them look quite a bit nicer on the blue background.

Boyke at students.uni-marburg.de wrote:

> Hello,
> i got more icons for reactos.
> You can see an download them on www.rene.boyke.de
> Theres also a "Sreenshot" aboz the future ReactOS...   :-)
> have fun tell me what ya think about those icos.
> René

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