[ros-general] FW: Ekush / ReactOS

Thomas Weidenmueller thomas at reactsoft.com
Tue Nov 23 09:46:46 CET 2004

Ge van Geldorp wrote:

>>You are right. 
>>Actually, the main problem comes from a few percentage of 
>>non-GPL compatible code, some of them are propitery or some 
>>are not compatible with GPL policy. But basically those 
>>sources came from some other projects and not coded/written 
>>by our devs. I personally was afraid to publish these sources 
>>publicly without owners written permission. And due to the 
>>fact, team was confused to publish the source tree. But 
>>Geldorf, I can assure you more than 100% about its 
>>cleanliness and there is NO LEAKED SOURCES FROM WINDOWS/WINDOWS 2000.
>>Sorry Geldorf, I cannot write more for now as I'm going to 
>>outside and will be back tomorrow. I'll come with more 
>>clarifications when back. 
>>Thanks and regards,
>>Refaz Anam
>>Lianasoft Foundation
lol that's a good joke. This guy pretends to be a lawyer - and yes, 
that's what lawyers do/agree with: Pirate binaries from Microsoft and 
fake copyright. Sure, how can one be sure they didn't use leaked sources 
(even though I doubt they wrote anything apart from some minor GUI 


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