[ros-general] ROS Default font

Al Hartman alhartman6 at comcast.net
Sat Dec 31 16:39:48 CET 2005

ReactOS is coming along really well...

A simple change in the next release would make a LOT of difference...

Change from a Serif font to a Sans Serif Font...

The Serif Font which is the current default just looks clunky and 
doesn't look right.

Other than that, things are coming along GREAT!!!

I like the new VMWare Player Image. Great idea!

Another thought... Why not change the word "Start" on the Start 
button to "React"?


Great work people!

I can't wait until I can use ReactOS as my "Daily Driver".

I wish I had programming skills so I could contribute something.

I can write documentation. I might be able to help with that...

Al Hartman
Philadelphia, PA

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