[ros-general] KDE for ReactOS

Robert Köpferl rob at koepferl.de
Mon Oct 17 02:11:47 CEST 2005

Sorry, but technically it seems you have no clue.
This gui stuff is difficult and not as easy as putting gt and k+ togehter.

Think of event handling not just painting. Or why is Ooo still without 
Cocoa UI?

Dmitrij D. Czarkoff wrote:
> On Monday 17 October 2005 02:01, Mikko Tikkanen wrote:
>>Except that KDE or GNOME isn't really a Windows GUI nor can it run
>>Windows software (presuming on the applications you mentioned)...
> Still this idea could be usefull after some rethinking.
> ReactOS has its own implementation of win32 apps' GUI. On the other hand, we 
> do have GTK+, Qt and some more crossplatform GUIs implemented on win32 
> platform. So we can pass all the widgets stuff to one of them and drop the 
> windows-native GUI (which is still slow and buggy). This would unify the GUI 
> of the system and make the system more stable while easier configurable. This 
> will let us use any popular X11 environment (or give a choise to user).
> I think the preferable widget set would be GTK+ (because it's the most widely 
> spread among alternative widget sets and its license is safe) and the 
> preferable workspace would be GNOME (just because it's GTK+-based, popular 
> and actively developed).
> Technically this approache means makeing all the Windows GUI-related libraries 
> the wrappers to the GTK libraries.
> I think that such modification would be useful even without switching to some 
> DE or WM from Linux world just because GTK is off and ready, while ReactOS's 
> GUI is slow and buggy.
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