[ros-general] ReactOS case study

Brandon Turner turnerb7 at msu.edu
Tue Mar 28 23:05:39 CEST 2006

Roman Hoegg wrote:

>Hello everybody!
>My name is Roman Högg (RomanH) and I have occasionally posted to this 
>mailing list and the web site forum in the past for a variety of reasons. 
>(offering/asking for help, submitting the Swiss German keyboard layout, 
>etc.) I now contact you for something completely different.
>Together with the Helsinki School of Economics, Luleå University of 
>Technology, Nokia and IBM Business Services, our institute ( 
>http://www.mcm.unisg.ch ) is conducting a study called 
>"Collabora-tion4Innovation (C4I)". The study is funded by the European 
>Commission and is examining the im-pact of diversity within teams on 
>factors such as innovation, creativity and productivity. By diversity we 
>mean things like cultural diversity, different skills, different 
>educational backgrounds, etc.
>In the first phase of the project we are currently conducting a number of 
>case studies from a variety of areas. The goal is to find the "state of 
>the art" and later define areas in which further research is needed (e.g. 
>organisational aspects such as process design, improving collaboration 
>technologies, etc.) Since ReactOS is - as far as I can see - developed by 
>a pretty diverse set of people (developers from different countries, 
>probably with different skills and non-developers/users/testers that try 
>to improve the software in whatever way they can) I wanted to ask whether 
>it would be possible to conduct a "Reac-tOS Case Study". I think it would 
>be nice to not only have companies in the case studies.  If you agree to 
>this idea, I would like to conduct interviews with 2-3 persons of you (in 
>English or German, most likely via phone). Each interview would last 
>between 45 minutes and 1,5h maximum. (or I could send the 
>questionnaire/interview guide in advance and we would only discuss the 
>more open questions over the phone). After the interviews I would condense 
>everything into a 3-4 page description of the project and the aspect of 
>diversity. You would then get that text and could tell me whether you 
>agree with it or whether I would have to change things. Nothing will be 
>published without your consent! Unfortunately I can't offer you any money 
>for the collaboration, but I think the study will give the project some 
>additional promotion and, if you want to, you may of course use my text 
>for documenta-tion purposes.
>Please let me know what you think and thank you very much!!!
>kind regards
Sorry for the delayed response.  I would be more then willing to answer 
a questionaire.  I wouldnt like to even think about a Germany to US 1.5 
hour phone call!


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