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Clearly that should have said “it’s something we cannot handle personally.”


A few too many I think. That new Stella 4 is great though, isn’t it J



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Could you point out this harsh reply?

I’m really failing to see any part of this discussion which could be deemed
as being overly harsh.


In reality, this is a public mailing list which we (the reactos team) do not
moderate in any way. 

If anyone is sensitive to negative comments of any sort, whether they be
against reactos, for reactos or against any other interest people may have,
then I suggest you moderate yourselves in whatever way best suits you.
Whether that be for inappropriate language, personal infringements or just
your own personal offences, it’s not something we cannot handle personally.
One person’s question is another person’s upset.






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Hi Aleksey,

It's not my project at all (it's from David Zaragoza) and I'm related to
this project in any way. My point was just that the responses to David's
announcement were pretty harsh and I felt bad for this guy. 

Now, whether or not including Python is good idea, I do *not* know or care
to be honest. I'm not developing for reactos and whatever decision is taken
in the end will be alright with me and I'll respect it.

But when someone makes the effort of trying to add something to the project,
whether good or bad, it should be recognized, and maybe give some direction
to the guy instead of a harsh reply. 

Now don't get me wrong, I think most of you are doing a really good job, I'm
just worried some might not be open minded enough sometimes. And at this
stage of the project it's critical to get it going.

Best regards,
Francois Prunier

2009/9/28 Aleksey Bragin <aleksey at reactos.org>

Dear Francois,

all who is part of our community (those who made a significant or
insignificant contribution to ReactOS, for example, or those who just
think they belong to our community) are free to have and express
their own view on the matter. Our project is all about freedom, and
freedom of speech would be the first one.

Neither me, nor anyone else have stated any official opinion about
your project so far, so no reason to do a drama out of nothing.

With the best regards,
Aleksey Bragin.

On Sep 28, 2009, at 4:03 PM, François Prunier wrote:

> Hi,
> I decide to join the mailing list to comment on this announcement
> and the way it has been treated. I've been following the
> development of this project and had a good hope it will develop
> into a full mature soon enough.
> However the replies of Marius Przybylski and Zachary Gorden showed
> me that's far from being the case. Sorry you guys, you may not
> agree with the guy who did, but treating someone who's done
> something for the project with the kind of responses you had is
> highly immature and just plain stupid. It only harms the project
> and confort the opinion that's it's not a friendly environment to
> work in. Wonder why there isn't that many devs maybe?
> I have little hope you'll actually understand that or act on it but
> we'll see...
> Francois Prunier

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