[ros-general] Reaction project announcement.

Colin Finck mail at colinfinck.de
Mon Sep 7 20:58:13 CEST 2009

Marius Przybylski wrote:
> Reactos is not linux and will never be. Imitating linux 
> software is thus a step in wrong direction.

Then why is Downloader/rapps following a similar direction towards a
Web-based software management application?
Linux is not "the evil", and you can't say that everything they invent is
wrong or completely unacceptable for ReactOS.

> Python is unacceptable too. It would require us to bundle 
> unnecessary stuff.

That's true though. Software written in Python won't be included in ReactOS
anytime soon, but I guess the inclusion of that application into plain
ReactOS isn't even the target right now.

Apart from this, it's really nice to see small software projects evolving
around ReactOS!

Best regards,


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