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Steve Walters SWalters at metropolitan.co.za
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As an incapable user I am just happy that someone thought of coming up with a software repository idea for Reactos.

It works well in Ubuntu and anyway why should Linux have all the good stuff n ideas?

Another good linux practice that would work for Windows/Reactos is a dedicated partition for your memory swap file to prevent defragging over time.


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Am Montag 28 September 2009 15:47:50 schrieb Johannes Anderwald:
> The replies of these two person was rather harsh. However, the 
> anouncement of the Reaction project was welcomed by the majority of 
> developers (at least I spoke to).
I would say it this way: To keep a specific technology like Python out of ReactOS is simply a matter of politics. Yes, politics. It would be rather wise to choose the technology which is most suitable, and when it comes to runtime environments, interpreters etc., it is very important to get as many of them as possible runnable on ReactOS. This will attract more developers and testers.

Yes, ReactOS is not Linux...but it still has one thing in common: It is targeted towards those who find Win*** too un-free and expensive.


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