[ros-kernel] Re: Debugging

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at gmx.net
Mon Dec 1 09:21:21 CET 2003


> >- "piperead.exe" connects to a VMWare named pipe ("com_1") and dumps the 
> >received text stream to stdout. This can be used to display the debug 
> >messages in the console window.
> what's wrong with the "more" and "type" commands? have you tried those
>  first?
> >- "pipetunnel.exe" connects another VMWare named pipe to a TCP connection.
> I use netcat for this 

I admit, I didn't know I can use ordinary file tools to read named pipes in Windows.
But my tools have one advantage: They reconnect automatically after the pipe has
been closed. Using file tools you have to wait until the pipe has been created,
then attach to it.
Moreover after trying "more" and "type" I found, they do not work correctly with
VMWare's pipes. "more \\.\pipe\com_1" only says: "Cannot access file \\.\pipe\com_1"
"type \\.\pipe\com_1" prints only the first character "M" of the message "Module 'hal.dll' loaded at 0xc017c000."
But I found a tool, that could be used for printing the pipe contents: cat.exe seems to work correctly.

By the way:
If you want to use my tools, select option "This end is the client" in VMWare.
The tools act as pipe server.



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