[ros-kernel] Can someone give me a hand in here

Waldo Alvarez wac at ghost.matcom.uh.cu
Wed Dec 17 13:21:01 CET 2003


I was changing this file in ROS to speedup strlen but ReactOS 
crashes with a page fault very quick since strlen is used almost 
everywhere. But I'm not used to this kind of assembler format. Can someone 
take a look at it. It could read at most 3 bytes beyond the ending 0 in 
the string but i don't think it could be a problem since the page size is 
4 kb the other reason could be the ebx register I'm not saving. as opposed 
to the previous function.

Thanks in advance
Waldo Alvarez
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/* $Id: tcslen.h,v 1.1 2003/07/06 23:04:19 hyperion Exp $


/* Synopsis:  returns length of passed string about 3x faster

 *  Author(s): based on optimized Strlen by 

 *           Agner Fog (agner at agner.org) http://www.agner.org

 *           modified by Jeremy Collake (lowercase code) to force dword alignment.

 *           Jeremy Collake (collake at charter.net) http://www.collakesoftware.com

 *           Adapted to ReactOS by Waldo Alvarez Ca?izares (wac at ghost.matcom.uh.cu)

 * Notes:

 * Todo: Apply this to the unicode version


#include "tchar.h"

.globl	_tcslen


#ifdef _UNICODE

 push   %edi

 mov    0x8(%esp), %edi

 xor    %eax, %eax

 mov    $0xffffffff, %ecx


 mov    %ecx, %edx


 repne _tscas

 not    %ecx

 pop    %edi

 dec    %ecx

 mov    %ecx, %eax




 mov    0x8(%esp), %eax

 lea    0x3(%eax),%edx

 mov    (%eax),%ebx

 add    $0x4,%eax

 lea    0xfefefeff(%ebx),%ecx // -$0x01010101

 not    %ebx

 and    %ebx,%ecx

 and    $0x80808080,%ecx

 jnz    L2

 shr    $0x2,%eax

 shl    $0x2,%eax


 mov    (%eax),%ebx           // read first 4 bytes

 add    $0x4,%eax             // increment pointer

 lea    0xfefefeff(%ebx),%ecx // substract 1 from each byte

 not    %ebx                  // invert all bytes

 and    %ebx,%ecx             // and these two

 and    $0x80808080,%ecx      // test all sign bits

 je     L1


 test   $0x8080,%ecx          // test first two bytes

 jnz    L3

 shr    $0x10,%ecx            // not in the first 2 bytes

 add    $0x2,%eax


 shl    %cl                   // use carry flag to avoid branch

 sbb    %edx,%eax             // compute length



/* EOF */

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