[ros-kernel] Explorer init failure = OK now + test status in real hardware

Gge gerard.gatineau at laposte.net
Sat Dec 27 17:57:46 CET 2003

Filip Navara wrote:

> Hi Gerard,
> this happens when the Wine DLLs are overwritten with those build from 
> ReactOS CVS. Just unzip the Wine DLLs again into the 
> <reactos>\system32 folder and it will work again.
> Filip
>> Hello,
>> I have updated my local CVS tree  on 26/12/2003 ( late evening) in 
>> order to make testing of explorer in real hardware.
>> Reactos boot ok  with Ros VGA driver.
>> On command prompt ">" , I ran explorer but the init fails whatever i 
>> am using "explorer" or explorer -noexplorer" .
>> Please find below the "debugport"  messages .
>> The same with a  fresh  cvs update of  explorer sub-directory
>> ===========================================
>> (NTDLL:ldr/utils.c:547) Failed to create or open dll section of 
>> 'wineoss.drv' (Status c0000135)
>> (NTDLL:ldr/utils.c:547) Failed to create or open dll section of 
>> 'msacm.drv' (Status c0000135)
>> (NTDLL:ldr/utils.c:547) Failed to create or open dll section of 
>> 'midimap.drv' (Status c0000135)
>> DriverBase for \SystemRoot\System32\vgaddi.DLL: ce930000
>> LdrGetExportByName(): failed to find CoCreateInstance
>> Failed to import CoCreateInstance
>> LdrFixupImports() failed
>> Failed to initialize image
>> ===========================================
Thanks Filip and Martin.
I found the problem in the same as you !!  Sorry about this mistake ... 
Was too speedy .

=>>>> Some news from  Reactos+Taskbar with a new build made on 
26/12/2003 :<<<<====

Just now I have Ros working in real hardware with a desktop loaded at 
boot  (without explorer)  (thanks to the last change from martin)
 From the desktop I can double click on "my computer icon" or ran explorer .
This is a good start .

I  have to clarify some problems I have seen before on the previous 
build  made about 1 week ago .
At lease 2 are corrected :
- Grey bar displayed at top of desktop screen ( at the level of "my 
computer" icon
- Double click on "My computer" icon without effect
Also in Hivesft file i disable Cmd GUI and enable explorer GUI in order 
to have the desktop loaded automatically at recatos start ( like wondow)

I will post the "problem type"  issues in Bugzilla  if any (!)

Ps : It seems reasonnable to have the desktop loaded automatically at 
ros start for the next release , if a GUI text console can be started 
from Desktop/explorer


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