[ros-kernel] IsoLinux implementation.

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Sun Nov 2 00:13:54 CET 2003

people, as I generally set my BIOS to boot from cdrom, and am too lazy to
change it (after installing ReactOS from cdrom), and ReactOS has no option
yet to boot to harddisk if booted from cdrom, I've added Isolinux to the
Reactos014 iso release.
try for yourself if you want. removing the file in 3 or 4 days (not my
personal server, so I don't want to cause much traffic).
probably forgot to change the default choice to ReactOS...

anyway, boot it. select option 2 -> ReactOS setup starts -> install as
usual -> reboot (can leave cd in drive) -> select option 0 (or 'h') ->
booting from harddisk (freeloader?)

http://www.darklogic.org/fdos/beta9/reactos/reactos.zip [about 3.4MB]

logo modification: read about Syslinux *.LSS files
menutext -> bootmsg.txt
keys/names -> isolinux.cfg

a small FreeDOS image has been added (hey, made it myself..) but can
ofcourse be removed. That will reduce IsoLinux overhead to about 100KB
(currently 400KB I think.).

if you unpack the ISO and modify anything, you can create a new ISO by
running MAKEISO.BAT in the ISOLINUX directory. works on win2000 and should
work under DOS (untested..). No idea about running it under ReactOS.

maybe an idea to add Memtest86 (88KB) to the ISO?
label mt86
kernel memtest      (yes, rename the 88KB memtest.bin to memtest as Isolinux
interprets .BIN as something else)

Feedback welcome on a ReactOS mailinglist.

Bernd Blaauw

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