[ros-kernel] ReactOS updata

Jeff Smith beta_guy at telus.net
Fri Nov 7 00:27:04 CET 2003

well, when I first heard of Windows update, I figured MS would have been
smart enough to have a local GUI based app that grab a DB file from a
specified server, and shows the user so that user and pick and choose, but
they went with a website,  rather disappointing... oh well, I hope that we
do that for ReactOS, I find the local applications to be faster then save a
HTML that is being treated as a script hehe
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> > > What will be the ReactOS equivalent to Windows update? Will there be
> > > way to update the ReactOS system if (read: when) new bugfixes/updates
> > > be available (without reinstalling the system)?
> >
> > I'd suggest a apt-get sorta program, which can have both a console and a
> > interface, but which can both update the OS and the apps
(rosapps/mozilla/..). For
> > those who don't know it i'd suggest to check out debian. Great advantage
is that
> > with one or two commands you can easily update all programs on your pc.
> Sounds like good idea to me!
> Maybe you should also check the emerge program. That is Gentoo linux
> equivalent for apt-get. Emerge vs. apt-get discussions can be found in
> Gentoo forums.
> http://www.gentoo.org
> http://forums.gentoo.org
> Sami
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