[ros-kernel] Mapping of page table

Ge van Geldorp ge at gse.nl
Fri Nov 7 21:17:29 CET 2003

In ReactOS, the page table is mapped at 0xf0000000, with the page
directory at 0xf03c0000, while it seems that in MS Windows it is mapped
at 0xc0000000, with the page directory at 0xc0300000. This is even
semi-documented in MSDN, check
ools/looking_inside_your_working_set.asp (beware of line wrap) near the
bottom of the page.
I'm not a memory management expert, but would it be difficult to move
our page directory to the Windows location? At least one (badly written)
driver depends on it being there. I understand it would mean moving
ntoskrnl up so this would also influence FreeLdr I guess?

Gé van Geldorp.

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