[ros-kernel] Re: Status of Explorer under ReactOS- Bug #42 (morefixes)

Mark Tempel mtempel at visi.com
Sun Nov 9 11:33:32 CET 2003


The portion of messaging that I am working on is related to
input events mainly.

I am sure that a few utility methods for translating the
winproc, will clear up any possible conficts...


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> On Sun 9. November 2003 00:59, Jonathan Wilson wrote:
> > Here is what happens on real windows under different cases:
> (note that
> > anytime I refer to GetWindowLong, I also mean the return value one
> > would get from calling SetWindowLong since its the same
> thing) Anytime
> > I refer to [SetGet]WindowLong[AW], I refer to calling it with
> > GWL_WNDPROC as the parameter
> ...
> This all sounds reasonable.
> We should implement it this way.

Yes, Jonathan is right. I was convinced there could be only one window
proc stored, but I was wrong. Standard controls really do have 2 window

As for the encoding of the handles, we can't use the current ReactOS
system (setting bit 0x80000000 to indicate a handle), 'cause a valid ROS
window proc can be located above 0x80000000 (/3GB behaviour). Let's
adopt the Microsoft way here too and set the top 16 bits of a handle to
1 (0xffff0000) and use the lower 16 bits as index into a table
containing entries like this:

struct WndProcHandle
  WNDPROC WindowProc;
  BOOL IsUnicode;

Mark, does this interfere with the message delivery redesign you're

Gé van Geldorp.

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