[ros-kernel] Macro SEH support ported - sort of

Filip Navara xnavara at volny.cz
Mon Nov 10 06:42:29 CET 2003


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> Where did you find documentation for the %c<number> replaceable?

Gccint.info that comes with my compiler. I am not sure where to get it
separately, but I think it's present in GCC CVS.

> anyway, I don't like the use of asm labels, as this makes impossible to
> use TRY..EXCEPT twice in the same compilation unit (does it?).

You're right. The asm labels must be replaced, but unfortunetly I don't know
the correct way. There's mention in manual about '%lDIGIT' to pass labels,
but I am not sure how to specify the label itself (in the third argument to

> Finally, I have found the problem: line 126 doesn't subtract 736 from esp,
> but subtracts esp from the doubleword located at 736. There were five
> other such bugs in the code. After correcting them, the test code works
> correctly when the filter returns EXCEPTION_EXECUTE_HANDLER.
> I tried EXCEPTION_CONTINUE_SEARCH, but the instruction at line 188
> doesn't appear to set the stack pointer correctly - the ret at line 191
> returns to an address on the stack. The same goes for
> EXCEPTION_CONTINUE_EXECUTION, but the affected lines are
> different (227 and 230)

Good job finding this.


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