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Jeff Smith beta_guy at telus.net
Mon Nov 10 11:01:53 CET 2003

I just thought of something for the floppy disk, if we were to create a ramdisk driver, we could have ReactOS boot then it would load a compressed files that hold the system files required for a command prompt and other things.
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  hi we were discussion the possiblitity of installing ReactOS without writing to the MBR, also we were discussing having the setup create a boot disk for ReactOS, I cannot read the boot disk from windows after I add the MBR. so I can't create an image, but I'll explain how I created the boot disk so if we are working on creating a boot disk from within ReactOS setup,  we can do it.

  Copy Freeldr.sys, freeldr.ini, and bootsect.ros to A:\
  to A:\System32
  Copy system to A:\System32\config
  to A:\System32\drivers
  all the files in system32 can be found in your ReactOS install. the freeldr.sys freeldr.ini and bootsect.ros files can be found in C:\

  to write to the booot sector I got a program called mkbt

  after that the only requirement that I know of is to have ReactOS installed.

  my question is do we have the option to write to the MBR or not? I know it write to the MBR anyways, but I'm curious as to how that coming or if we are doing anyhthing about that.


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