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Michael Michael at
Fri Nov 14 16:14:14 CET 2003

Use freeldr, since loadros is hard coded to start reactos from the first
partition on the first hdd.

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Selon Michael <Michael at>:

> I checked this and found that freeldr can only swap actual drives, not

> partitions.  However, I found that this is not necessary.  I was
> various things and I found that ReactOS does not need to be located at

> C:\ReactOS, it can be located anywhere!  I think I had previously
> that 
> ReactOS needs to be installed at C:\ReactOS, but apparently, that is 
> incorrect.  I have tried installing ReactOS to different directories
> different drives and it worked in all cases.  This means that someone
> with a 
> NTFS first partition and FAT or FAT32 second partition could install
> on 
> the second partition.  All that needs to be done is to install ReactOS
> to 
> the second partition and create a freeldr boot disk, since freeldr
> cannot 
> boot from NTFS.

I have done a dos/win98 boot floppy. (including a boot sector and a
Then I change directory to c:\reactos (called d:\reactos on nt).
And I run a boot.bat script which run
However, an INVALID_BOOT_DEVICE crash happen in the first reactos blue

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