[ros-kernel] suggestion regarding d3d8thk (and directx in general)

Jonathan Wilson jonwil at tpgi.com.au
Sun Nov 16 19:30:50 CET 2003

Some things I can say from my windows XP install.
Firstly, my copy of gdi32.dll (version 5.1.2600.1106 (xpsp1.020828-1920))
does contain both the GdiEntry and DdEntry exports
And, my copy of d3d8thk.dll (version 5.3.0000000.900 built by: DIRECTX) 
imports all of the DdEntry exports.

This is Windows XP SP1 (or SP1a, I forget) plus DirectX 9.0.

Anyhow, one thing to remember about DirectX (as well as a bunch of other 
things like IE) is that we need to make sure we support the right things 
(including the correct version numbers and stuff) so that apps that try to 
install DirectX/IE/etc wont mess things up.

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