[ros-kernel] ntfs infinite loop at boot

Mike Nordell tamlin at algonet.se
Thu Nov 20 15:55:44 CET 2003

jeanmichel wrote:

> I beleve I had reproduced this bug (see end) on antother computer:

Great. Well, that you can reproduce it of course. :-)

Instead of just guessing, I hacked together a little program for you. I hope
you can compile it (tested with both MSVC6 and g++ 3.3.1 mingw).

If (which I hope) you still have Windows 2000 installed on an NTFS volume
that displays this problem in ROS, please boot that Windows installation and
run the program as:

  DumpSomeMftRecords C: MFT_C.bin 8
(replace C: with whatever drive letter your volume has got assigned)

Since it's a q&d hack, please verify its output by opening the output file
(MFT_C.bin) in a hex editor, or Notepad if you can't find a hex editor, and
check if/that the first four bytes of the file reads "FILE" (without the
quotes, as for the rest of the quoted strings in this post) and that among
the first few hundred bytes (before the next occurance of "FILE") you see
the unicode string "$Mft" (displayed as "$ M f t").

If that verifies, please zip this file and post it (the zip will probably be
less than 1KB).

If it doesn't verify, you could try to play some with the MFTStartOffset

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