[ros-kernel] Winzip almost loads - I need some help

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at studiocerebral.com
Mon Nov 24 09:05:59 CET 2003

sorry for late reply, but I had the same error happened to my application
when I tried to run it under ROS. (CreateCompatibleDC with
PrimarySurfaceCreated FALSE).

This happens when I fill WNDCLASS structure w/o having created any window

And when I fill hCursor and hIcon fields, I call LoadCursor(hInst,

When I commented out this two lines (replaced with NULL's), these two errors
about CreateCompatibleDC have disappeared.

Hope this would be some help,
With the best regards,
Aleksey Bragin.

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> I don't have the source present atm, but if I remember correctly the
> message about CreateCompatibleDC failing is given when the variable
> PrimarySurfaceCreated is FALSE. The PrimarySurface is initialized (and
> this var set to TRUE) when the first DC is created and it is closed down
> (var set to FALSE) when all DCs have been deleted. So what happens
> exactly on the screen? You see it switching to graphics mode I assume,
> then some drawing takes place, then it switches back to "blue screen"
> mode and you get the crash?
> My guess is the app does a GetDC() and doesn't hand it back with
> ReleaseDC() (which would put the DC in the cache but not delete it) but
> does a DeleteDC() on it. If it's the last (or only) DC this will force
> the system to switch back to blue screen mode.
> Another experiment: try renaming blue.sys to blue.sys.save and reboot.
> This would give you a cmd window in GUI mode which keeps open its own
> DCs. That should prevent the system from switching out of graphics mode.
> Ge van Geldorp.
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