[ros-kernel] Makefile improvements

Shadow Flare blakflare at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 24 19:50:34 CET 2003

>From: "Eric Kohl" <ekohl at rz-online.de>
>I plan to make a few changes to the current makefiles. Please comment on 
>following topics:
>- Change the default install directory ('install' target) for windows to

I think the default install directory should still be within the source 
directory as it was before.  I don't want it to overwrite my existing 
installation if I forget to specify the install path.  Also, some people 
won't be installing it to C:\reactos

>- Remove the install and bootcd scripts (.bat and .sh) in order to clean-up
>the build process.

As long as no part of the install process is left out of "make install" this 
should be OK.  I know that in the past, there have been some important steps 
in the install process that a "make install" did not do (for example, a 
previous version did not create the registry).


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