[ros-kernel] Winmm.dll hacked together

Filip Navara xnavara at volny.cz
Sun Nov 30 19:56:19 CET 2003

There are two generic drivers distributed with Windows. First one is
mmdrv.dll that acts as a installable driver for NT4 audio drivers and that's
the driver we will need to duplicate first. Second is wdmaud.drv you
mentioned and that's used for newer WDM drivers. This one has lower priority
for us, because we don't have mature enought WDM support and no WDM audio
support at all now.

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> Yes, it seems pretty straight forward. What confused
> me is that after looking at some NT 4 drivers I looked
> at the drivers on my system(XP) and couldn't find the
> "Installable Driver" that winmm calls. It turns out
> that apparently wdmaud acts as some sort of generic
> usermode dll for all WDM drivers.

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