[ros-kernel] Re: WINE porting templates

Jason Filby jasonfilby at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 15 09:21:15 CEST 2003

Hi Vizzini

This sounds good to me. As you said, it seems like headers are the
big blocker here.


--- Vizzini <vizzini at plasmic.com> wrote:
> Steven and I spoke about this the other day, and I am in agreement
> with
> you, Dimitrie.  I don't want to fork.  We can use CVS to manage the
> wine
> source, and hopefully we can submit patches if we manage to uncover
> any
> bugs.  Regardless, we need to stay current with Wine development,
> and a
> fork + manual merges is just impossible.  
> We still have to figure out our header file situation, and Steven
> and I
> continue to discuss alternatives.  Once we gain some clarity on
> that
> situation, we'll probalby just do a cvs vendor import of wine and
> refresh it regularly.
> Does this sound workable to everyone?
>  -Vizzini
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