[ros-kernel] Re: Proposed ReactOS headers and code sharing policy

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at gmx.net
Sun Oct 19 16:21:58 CEST 2003

On 19.10.2003 15:43:10 Mike Nordell wrote:
> Martin Fuchs wrote:
> > But I would prefer to see the parameter names in function
> > declarations - not only the parameter types.
> There are function declarations that don't list the parameter names??? What
> evil-doer could come up with such a completely useless declaration idea? It
> would be like me telling you "Put apples in this tube!" and you ask "Why,
> and how many?" only to be met by silence... Speak about useless declaration.

Yes, there are very many function declarations without parameter names. In fact they are missing for most declarations in W32API and Wine. This is even true for a few MSVC headers. But IMHO it's worst in W32API.


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