[ros-kernel] Alpha on its way out

Guido reactos at jacquido.demon.nl
Sun Oct 19 14:12:56 CEST 2003

On Sat, 18 Oct 2003 10:31:07 -0700
Rex Jolliff <rex at lvcm.com> wrote:
> I would not put too much credence in that announcement.  The
> government is a heavy
> user of Alphas, mostly running VMS and will continue to pay HP a huge 
> amount keep them
> going.  HP is working on a port of VMS to itanium, but I can imagine
> that VMS is a nightmare
> port. 8)

Exactly, the "government" more specifically means the US DoD. The
article actually only states that - in accordance with previous
statements - HP will release the last Alpha processor early next year.
HP has committed themselves to support the Alpha line for many years.

In the mean time VMS is indeed being ported to the Itanium. They got it
booting early this year IIRC. VMS will be supported for quite some time
as well. Latest improvements/additions are proper TCP/IP support (in
stead of DECnet), Galaxy cluster (this saved some businesses in the 9/11
disaster, as the Alpha's in the WTC were part of cluster together with
some Alpha's in SF) and POSIX compliance (I still don't know whether
this will keep VMS in business or that it will only make it easier to
switch to some Unix or compatible, which will surely be the end of VMS).

- Guido

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