[ros-kernel] WINE notepad under ReactOS - Success sorta

Filip Navara xnavara at volny.cz
Fri Oct 24 07:53:38 CEST 2003


Comments follow.

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> --- Filip Navara <xnavara at volny.cz> wrote:
> > Could you please strip the DLL files? I did a new snapshot about the
> > same time as you and ZIPed it's ~1 MB!
> I'll try to get some time this week to add a rule to strip everything
> for the Mingw build.

Thanks, but it would be better to have both. The unstripped version can be
used to find a user-mode exception and the stripped one has much shorter
download times. ;-)

> >
> > I tried it a week ago and typing into it was not possible. Is it
> > possible
> > now?
> No it still doesnt work it just loads. It seems that the parent Window
> is redrawing over the client Window with the edit control. I was going
> to open a bug in bugzilla for this but I wanted to get some other
> people to test and let me know what they thought.

I am working on this right now, but it's very wide problem and when I did my
first attempt to fix it I broke another thing. So just right now I am
rewriting some parts of the code and will publish it this weekend.

> > > regedit, notepad, winemine etc.. - It seems that something is wrong
> > in
> > > ReactOS as WINE compiled resources are showing up in other
> > languages. I
> > > think they are showing up in French.
> >
> > IIRC ReactOS ignores the language of resources and takes the first
> > regardless of
> > the current locale. I looked at whe Wine DLLs with Resource Hacker
> > and there
> > is
> > on set of resources before the English one with significantly lower
> > resource
> > numbers.
> Hmmm. Anyone feel like working on this? I will open a bug for it
> tommrow.

Not me, at least not yet.

> >
> > What have you done with it? I am hust curious, because I distribute
> > it also.
> > ;-)
> Here is the patch:
> http://www.winehq.org/hypermail/wine-patches/2003/10/0265.html
> I dont think Alexandre will merge it in because I duplicated the
> colordlg init and removed Win16 stuff from Win32 case and removed the
> Win32 code from the Win16 case. It really just needs a total rewrite
> not my little hack and I dont think I can do it. If someone else can
> look in to this then I will see about doing the w32api/PSDK cleanup so
> we can import in to ReactOS.
> BTW: Alexandre merged in my setupapi patch so we just need a winternl.h
> and fdi.h in ReactOS or mingw. Danny probly wont accept Cabinet
> compression/decommpression headers as the only way to get the
> information is to download the Cabinet SDK and accept the EULA so we
> will have to create our own fdi/fci.h or use WINEs.

I have almost complete fci.h and fdi.h, but I can't find any information
about winternl.h. It's not present in any DDK I have (W2K, W2K3, WNT) nor in
my Visual Studio .NET 2002. I looked at the Wine version and it seems,
that it duplicates some DDK types spread around other header.

> Thanks
> Steven


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