[ros-kernel] DuplicateHandle on GetCurrentProcess

Hartmut Birr hartmut.birr at gmx.de
Mon Oct 27 20:38:29 CET 2003


I've add your last patches to my source tree. My favorite test,
compiling ros on ros, fails. If I remove only the changes from handle.c,
compiling ros on ros works. Previously, it hangs in 'make clean'.
Currently, I doesn't know what is wrong.    

- Hartmut

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> Subject: [ros-kernel] DuplicateHandle on GetCurrentProcess
> In order to fork, cygwin needs to DuplicateHandle on a 
> process handle, which
> starts out as the current process handle.  This change allows 
> a process handle,
> or the special GetCurrentProcess result to be duplicated.  I 
> forked the
> implementation of DuplicateHandle because the PEPROCESS that 
> is the result of
> ObDereferenceObjectByHandle is a different type from the 
> objects expected in
> NtDuplicateObject.
> Again, if there's no negative feedback, I'll commit in a 
> couple of days.
> -- 
> "Should array indices start at 0 or 1? My compromise of 0.5 
> was rejected
>  without, I thought, proper consideration."
>    - S. Kelly-Bootle

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