[ros-kernel] Freeldr issue

Mark IJbema mark at ijbema.xs4all.nl
Thu Oct 30 09:54:16 CET 2003

On Thu, Oct 30, 2003 at 12:09:14AM -0700, Jeff Smith wrote:
> this isn't a bug so much as a problem
> I installed ReactOS on a friends computer, he uses Windows 98,
> and the setup crash just as it was writing freeldr.sys file to
> the HD, anyways he was left without a working computer because
> it had rewritten the master boot record, and since it could find 
> freeldr.sys my friend was screwed. I was hoping that perhaps some one 
> could find a more Windows 98 friendly way of installing ReactOS, on 
> NT/2000/XP it adds itself to the boot.ini not problems, maybe we can 
> do something like that with Windows 98.

There is an option in the boot menu (along with safe mode, etc) to start 
an old version of dos (if you installed it over dos). Perhaps we could 
use that. (i don't have time atm, but i'm willing to research that 
possibility over two weeks).


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