[ros-kernel] Re: ReactOS article to be published in Linux Magazine

Andrew Greenwood lists at silverblade.co.uk
Mon Apr 5 18:02:22 CEST 2004

Are you basically suggesting that we should somehow try to make ReactOS
capable of loading Linux drivers and applications, in addition to Windows
ones? If so, that's a great idea IMO. Whether its feasible/possible is
another matter...

Once Linux apps and drivers work on ReactOS, it'd then be quite cool if you
could somehow do it the other way - run drivers and apps from Windows, on
Linux. I know some apps run already, but sometimes driver support is a
little lacking. And if it were possible to load Windows drivers on Linux, I
would've done so a long long time ago...

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> Hi,
> Right I got what you are saying but ReactOS in its current state is
> almost of zero use to rest of the FreeSoftware movement. The limited
> exception to this is Captive NTFS. If the Linux users want to get
> around the need of Linux device drivers the only option is going to be
> to run CoLinux on top of ReactOS. Or to create some sort of
> ReactOS+CoLinux hybrid. I really want to see this happen but I dont
> feel there is much support in the ReactOS team for this while there are
> a LOT or Linux people I have talked to that are very interested in
> this.
> Right now we have a limited set of people that are interest in using
> ReactOS because they like Windows or Windows programs and drivers. This
> gives us "N" users and developers that are interested in ReactOS. You
> also have a large number of people that run Linux that just want
> support for certain hardware configurations, this is "X" users. If we
> as the ReactOS team can take the chance of this artical to extend a
> olive branch to other Linux developers that may be interested in
> creating a hybrid then that give us "X + N" people that could one day
> use/develop on ReactOS or ReactOS+Linux.
> You have got to think outside the box here. Just saying that ReactOS is
> supposed to remove the need to rewrite the drivers is not the answer.
> The vendors are going to keep writting for Microsoft till the end of
> time with that mind set.
> Thanks
> Steven
> --- Jason Filby <jasonfilby at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > > I think he was referring to having to write device drivers. That
> > with
> > > ReactOS you wont have to rewrite device drivers.
> >
> >
> > Yes, that's what I meant (that's why I included Howard's original
> > email).
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