[ros-kernel] CVS regressions and checkin systemidea -DistributedRegression Testing

Mike Nordell tamlin at algonet.se
Sun Apr 18 16:31:15 CEST 2004

Filip Navara wrote:

> MinGW make doesn't support the -j option. Under Windows you can use
> the MSYS make that supports it.

Is really a _forced_ click-through (you _must_ read the GPL and agree to it
by clicking "I Accept", or whatever it was, before you're even allowed to
install (!) it) of a GPL licenced software compatible with the GPL?

That was the treatment I got when I tried to install MSYS just a few weeks

P.S. Who ever got the idea of putting a TAB in the subject? Isn't that
violating an RFC or something? If not, IMNSHO it should.

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