[ros-kernel] Different Hardware Architectures

robert K. rob at koepferl.de
Tue Apr 27 03:34:38 CEST 2004

KJK::Hyperion wrote:
> At 23.00 26/04/2004, you wrote:
>> Actually, they really did this with when porting VMS to another 
>> hardware platform. You don't really need to decompile, just to 
>> recompile, by translating instructions for one arch to another.
> There was a famous program called FX!32 that did this on Windows 
> NT/Alpha for x86 binaries. After recompiling them, it wrote them back to 
> the disk, as native executables, and it worked in the background, with 
> no need for direct user intervention. It won't work for architectures 
> with different endianness, though - how will you convert the data sections?
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This phenomenal Program still exists and works...

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