[ros-kernel] Re: [ros-cvs] CVS Update: reactos

Filip Navara xnavara at volny.cz
Sun Aug 15 04:44:48 CEST 2004

I give up for now. I'll eventually give the fast dependency system a 
second try after *properly* fixing the problems with relative paths and 
adding better (and working) "#if" parsing (that cause the the problem 
Hartmut described).


navaraf at cvs.reactos.com wrote:

>Module name:	reactos
>Repository:	reactos/tools/
>Changes by:	navaraf at mok.osexperts.com	04/08/14 18:23:20
>Modified files:
>	reactos/tools/: depend.mk 
>Added files:
>	reactos/tools/: depends.c 
>Removed files:
>	reactos/tools/: makedep.c 
>Log message:
>	- Revert to old dependency system.

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