[ros-kernel] Windows source leaked?

Mauricio Abre mga at laplata.gov.ar
Thu Feb 12 21:37:55 CET 2004

Robert Köpferl wrote:

> I just read in a discussion on heise
> that w2k source has been leaked. So I don't beleve it, but let's see.
> Or better not see. What would be the implications for ROS?
> Suspected Content:
> http://bw.dorfelite.net/files.txt
> suspected News:
> http://neowin.net/comments.php?id=17509&category=main
> I don't know neowin.net and couln't see for now Err 501

I've found this in other article:

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When asked to comment, Microsoft responded by e-mail that "the rumor 
regarding the availability of Windows source code is based on the 
speculation of an individual who saw a small section of un-identified 
code and thought it looked like Windows code. Microsoft is looking into 
this as a matter of due diligence."

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You can read full article at




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