[ros-kernel] w32api 2.5 has been released

Eric Kohl ekohl at rz-online.de
Mon Feb 16 19:41:31 CET 2004

"Ge van Geldorp" <ge at gse.nl> wrote:

> You've got me all confused now :) I thought the plan was to switch to
> the Wine headers?

Yes, that was my original plan. But I found out that it causes a major pain
in the posterior. I spent a few days to get ReactOS working with the Wine
headers but the final fix was 'deltree'. :-(

OTOH, a lot of components are already using the win32api headers and we only
need to add a private copy of these headers to our source tree and add
support for native dlls and apps. Then we can disable the old ReactOS
headers and the external win32api headers and use our own win32api headers

Using the win32api headers seems to be lot easier than using the Wine


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