[ros-kernel] w32api 2.5 has been released

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 16 14:49:45 CET 2004

--- Eric Kohl <ekohl at rz-online.de> wrote:
> Using the win32api headers (aka MinGW headers) doesn't mean we
> synchronize
> with the official headers. We can only import them once and add _our_
> stuff
> as _we_ see fit.

Ok cool. I would like to see is a option (yes I know our build system
is already a little bloated) to be able to set like ROS_SDK="other
header path" and point to the stock w32api/WINE/MS_VC headers to check
our compliance.

At the end of the day once we get the w32api headers imported I guess
we can slowly replace them one at a time with WINE headers if they turn
out to be better for us.


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