[ros-kernel] Geforce2 video card problem with ros

Gge gerard.gatineau at laposte.net
Sat Jan 10 13:14:43 CET 2004


I have tested the reactos hardware support for the GeForce2  MX 100/200 
Display card so for that :

- I made a cvs update this morning  and compiled reactos and  installed 
it by "make install"
- I Followed the instructions given in the nv4-howto.html file in 
\apps\utils\patchnv4 directory of reactos module
    =>  With the command "make registry , no need to copy the resulting 
SYSTEM file to ... 
    => In nvidia driver section of Hivesys.inf file , I changed  in  the 
start line  "0x00000004 " to 0x0000001" to load the driver
- Then  I booted Reactos  using freeldr on floppy + boot from harddidk 
option (load ros) 
- Rectos booted ok but when running WINHELLO at C:Reactos >prompt  , the 
screen becomes black and  a bugcheck occurred.
    => The nvidia driver loads OK
- Attached below the debugPort messages regarding Reactos boot + 
Winhello bugcheck


DriverBase for pci.sys: cdb54000
Peripheral Component Interconnect Bus Driver
DriverBase for scsiport.sys: cdb5a000
DriverBase for atapi.sys: cdb64000
DriverBase for class2.sys: cdb6d000
DriverBase for disk.sys: cdb77000
DriverBase for vfatfs.sys: cdb7f000
DriverBase for bootvid.sys: cdb92000
DriverBase for ndis.sys: cdbb2000
(bootvid.c:487) bV5Size = 40
(bootvid.c:488) bV5Width = 640
(bootvid.c:489) bV5Height = 480
(bootvid.c:490) bV5Planes = 1
(bootvid.c:491) bV5BitCount = 4
(bootvid.c:492) bV5Compression = 2
(bootvid.c:493) bV5SizeImage = 96998
(bootvid.c:494) bV5XPelsPerMeter = 11827
(bootvid.c:495) bV5YPelsPerMeter = 11827
(bootvid.c:496) bV5ClrUsed = 16
(bootvid.c:497) bV5ClrImportant = 16
(bootvid.c:500) bfOffBits = 104
(bootvid.c:501) size of color indices = 64
(bootvid.c:502) first byte of data = 0
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\floppy.sys: cdbfd000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\cdrom.sys: cdc19000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\fs_rec.sys: cdc30000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\beep.sys: cdc45000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\null.sys: cdc57000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\serial.sys: cdc69000
Serial Driver 0.0.2
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\psaux.sys: cdc85000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\keyboard.sys: cdca1000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\mouclass.sys: cdcb8000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\debugout.sys: cdccb000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\blue.sys: cdce1000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\nv4_mini.sys: cdfd0000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\VIDEOPRT.SYS: ce10b000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\msfs.sys: cf126000
Mailslot FSD 0.0.1
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\npfs.sys: cf141000
Named Pipe FSD 0.0.2
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\kmregtests.sys: cf159000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\win32k.sys: cfd61000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\freetype.dll: cfe8e000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\System32\kbdfr.dll: cfef1000
(ntuser/input.c:86) Win32K: Failed to open mouse.
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\tcpip.sys: e02d5000
(ndis/protocol.c:556)(NdisOpenAdapter) Adapter not found.
(ndis/protocol.c:556)(NdisOpenAdapter) Adapter not found.
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\afd.sys: e032b000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\System32\nv4_disp.DLL: e24ba000
NV:  NV: 175/166 RAM=32MB bus=64
NV: CPU: FS=00009001 732MHz
NV:  BC: AGP=0x, SBA=0, HFW=0, SSFW=0, SFFW=0
NV:  SC: AGP=421x, SBA=0, FW=1
NV:  PS: 0000001d
NV:      texRn texAGP ct16 ct32
RTL: RtlNtStatusToDosErrorNoTeb(0xc0000005): no valid W32 error mapping
ExceptionRecord->ExceptionAddress = 0xe24e760d
KeBugCheckWithTf at ke/catch.c:168
Bug detected (code 1e param 0 0 0 0)
Page Fault Exception: 14(0)
Processor: 0 CS:EIP 8:e24e760d <nv4_disp: 2d60d>
cr2 14 cr3 6c19000 Proc: c1597208 Pid: 9 <winhello> Thrd: c159f088 Tid: 32
DS 10 ES 10 FS 30 GS 10
EAX: 00000001   EBX: 00000001   ECX: 00000000
EDX: c1743000   EBP: e0383d38   ESI: c1743000
EDI: c17922fc   EFLAGS: 00010202 kESP e0383cb4 kernel stack base e0381000
ESP e0383cb4
Frames: <nv4_disp: 153ab> <win32k: 48e09> <win32k: 85e7> <win32k: 2a6cf> 
: fbea> <win32k: fc82> <win32k: 311f2> <win32k: 2265e> <win32k: 22b8b> 
2258b> <ntoskrnl.exe: 3307>             
ExceptionRecord->ExceptionAddress = 0xc0
KeBugCheckWithTf at ke/catch.c:168
Bug detected (code 1e param 0 0 0 0)
Recursive bug check halting now

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