[ros-kernel] ROS does NOT compile.

Gge gerard.gatineau at laposte.net
Sat Jan 10 17:57:55 CET 2004

Steven Edwards wrote:

>Could everyone agree on CVS updating from w32api if we posted the
>following info on the Website? Then we dont have to worry about
>merging. It only takes like 3 mins to CVS co and rebuild w32api even if
>your on a dialup connection.
>"To develop ReactOS make sure you have the latest w32api SDK from
>source.redhat.com. This is done using a CVS checkout like downloading
>the latest ReactOS sources"
>1. cvs -d:pserver:anoncvs at sources.redhat.com:/cvs/src login
>2. cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anoncvs at sources.redhat.com:/cvs/src co
>>Sure, we don't get the changes in mingw w32api that is not created by
>>developers, but they are not needed to compile ReactOS anyway. We can
>>get away
>>with only merging w32api from mingw cvs every 6 months or so.

You have to indicate also where you will install theses W32api files in 
mingw directory ?


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