[ros-kernel] Re: ReactOS 0.2 RC1 released!

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Sun Jan 18 02:37:55 CET 2004

  Bochs is indeed very slow.
  I notice a few things:
  *freeldr on bootdisk works better than freeldr from the RC1. maybe floppy
works better anyway?
  *I succeed in running ReactOS in RAM.
  -download the Bochs release
  -download syslinux
  -setup Isolinux
  -add the cdrv.img to isolinux directory
  -change isolinux.cfg : label ros (newline) kernel memdisk (new line)
append initrd=cdrv.img
  -create ISO

  -setup bochs to use both the freeldr diskette image and the created cdrom.
boot from cdrom
  -boot from cdrom, load ReactOS bootloader
  -in ReactOS bootloader, select F8 -> custom -> disk -> 0 (floppy)
  -now bootloader from floppy runs, bootvideo.sys does work OK it seems this
  -run ReactOS

  ReactOS runs and reports 92MB (Bochs:132, cdrv.img loaded into ram by
Memdisk/Isolinux: 40MB),
  and then still loads slow despite being loaded into RAM (must be Bochs

  any interest/remarks/questions welcome. If necessary I can upload my

  anyone have a faster Bochs for WinXP ? (time runs very fast though, in

  now to test the GUI..I get no response but that's probably Bochs's fault..

  oh well..one Win32 compatible OS running in system RAM :)
  diskless clients here we come!


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