[ros-kernel] serial mouse driver patch

Filip Navara xnavara at volny.cz
Tue Jan 20 09:50:57 CET 2004


I'll look at this patch tonight.


----- PŮVODNÍ ZPRÁVA -----
Od: "Vizzini" <vizzini at plasmic.com>
Komu: ros-kernel at reactos.com
Předmět: [ros-kernel] serial mouse driver patch
Datum: 20.1.2004 - 5:37:00

> I received the following e-mail from a guy named
> Logan_V8_TT who wishes
> to remain anonymous due to spam, etc.
> Anyone care to comment on this patch?  I don't have a
> suitable way to
> test this atm.  Sorry for the 24k zip...
> -Vizzini
> ------------------------------------------
> hi!,
> i'm just a user of your(s) :) great ReactOS Kernel. I
> have downloaded
> several versions of it before just to show it to my
> friends :) but never
> got my serial mouse to work. So, because i'm now on
> vacations i decided
> to GET IT WORKING! (i could have posted the bug to
> bugzilla, but what
> fun would be that?) yesterday and today i tried to
> learn how to fix
> that. I was lazy to download the source, so i patched
> (yep, patched the
> driver binary :)) but it didn't worked. Next, i
> downloaded the sources
> and began coding something to get it work (i'm learning
> C by the way :P,
> i code in Pascal and x86 assembler :)). It worked!!!!,
> and i decided to
> send you the sermouse.c and a compiled binary for test.
> I don't know if
> this patch works only for me, or also for other people,
> but i discovered
> that the mouse worked with the old driver by just
> moving the mouse in
> the initialization!, but having to move the mouse
> everytime i boot up my
> computer isn't good (i think). Too much talking but
> here is t
> he short _story_:
> - old sermouse.sys didn't detect my mouse. Only if i
> - move it in the
> initialization.
> (ReactOS running on real PC, Pentium 133 MHz, 48 mb
> RAM, 10 GB Maxtor
> Harddrive, TGUI9440 Trident video card, PCI HSP
> WinModem, CS4232 sound
> card)
> (Mouse at: COM1 IRQ:4 IO: 3F8h)
> - my patch changes the mouse detection code. it
> - could(nt) work with
> other computers. Also it could broke other features. I
> don't know
> because i have only my computer to test.
> it broken nothing here :D
> my detection routine is based in a paper published by
> IBM documenting a
> serial pointing device (TrackPoint?), the paper doesn't
> have any code,
> so it's mine (the method not, for sure) :)
> a final note, just keep up the good work! :),
> regards,
> Logan_V8_TT
> PD: Don't publish my email please, i dont want spam :),
> and if you want
> to credit me put only my nickname :). Too much
> debuggin' and testin',
> now i'll go to sleep :P

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