[ros-kernel] ReactOS Internationalization and Localization

KJK::Hyperion noog at libero.it
Wed Jan 21 01:41:35 CET 2004

At 13.56 20/01/2004, you wrote:
>Inside every language group there is a special dictionary, for various terms

their dictionaries are often used improperly, with results ranging from the 
silly to the outright comical. One example: the boot message "Boot logging 
enabled" has been translated in Italian as "Accesso all'avvio abilitato" 
(something to the effect of "Boot *logging-on* enabled") - huh? let's not 
even talk about English gerundives, always consistently and improperly 
translated as describing an operation in progress. The Italian translation 
is perfect italian, ortographically and grammatically, and consistent 
throughout the whole Microsoft world. It just doesn't make the slightest 
sense, sometimes, and you need to reverse-engineer phrases into their 
original English form if you want any hope of understanding them

PS: Jason, did you receive that e-mail about a volunteer for Norwegian 
translations? how do I make him an editor? 

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