[ros-kernel] ReactOS feedback - 0.20RC1a ISO

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Thu Jan 22 02:14:00 CET 2004


ReactOS is becoming more and more stable and almost usable.

some feedback (Vmware, win98 type gues, RAM varied between 8MB and 32MB 
in increments of 4MB):
*use the installed ReactOS, then Settings -> Printers -> error 
(something with line 255, see picture)
*Readme file on cdrom still needs updating, and a mentioning in 
autorun.inf might be nice.
label=ReactOS 0.2.0
shell\ROSinfo=View &ReactOS Readme file
shell\ROSinfo\command=write \README.TXT

*icon for autorun.inf, can this go out of root directory of cdrom and 
into LOADER directory together with ISOBOOT.BIN ?
 it's a bit cleaner. maybe also readme.txt into this directory?
*Is the LOADER directory still needed on cdrom? no option to hide the 
files into the REACTOS directory so all files in only 1 directory?
*What's the BOOTDISK directory for?
*Might be worth to get a new FreeDOS disk image. FORMAT has been 
improved a lot lately, and handles FAT32 OK now.
  you use it for FAT16 formatting IIRC [Bochs 40MB harddisk imagefile]?
*CMD responds a bit faster again, was really slow a few days ago.
*CDRom installer says "press ENTER to Reboot", but then has about 
30seconds or so harddisk activity (as Vmware's HDD activity indicator 
shows) still to go.
 - what if people think "doesn't respond to my ENTER, let's hit the 
Reboot switch on the computer!" ?
*Rebooting after "ReactOS Profiles initialized does not actually reboot 
(Vmware) reboot manually..
*what are current memory requirements for
1)installing - 32MB? 20MB goes OK, 8MB really slows file copying down a lot.
2)using  - 32MB? ehm..20MB boots succesfully into Explorer

are both the ReactOS setup (from cdrom or an installation source 
directory)  and the installed ReactOS still loadable through DOS?

I can't wait till a full-installed Bochs image of 0.2.0 is available. 
allows me to put an installed ReactOS on my DVD
(the Syslinux package can handle (gzip-compressed)disk images created by 
Bochs and load them on top of a Ramdisk).
ReactOS loadable and usable through 1 single file..must be heaven for 
company-wide deployment.

no Bochs feedback yet, except that speed was horrible and mouse driver 
didn't respond (not sure about that one anymore, though).

I'm impressed. good luck!

Bernd Blaauw
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