[ros-kernel] Bug in debugging...

Richard Campbell eek2121 at comcast.net
Wed Jan 28 11:12:25 CET 2004

Upon setting Dbg := 1 and recompiling win32k.sys and ntoskrnl.exe i get 
the following error starting up:

DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\kmregtests.sys: cef72000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\win32k.sys: e0102000
DriverBase for \SystemRoot\system32\freetype.dll: cfecc000
*Export not found for 923:mem“uT*
KeBugCheck at ldr/loader.c:1568
Bug detected (code 0 param 0 0 0 0)
The bug code is undefined. Please use an existing code instead.

Pid: 2 <SMSS> Thrd: c1348050 Tid: 17
Frames: <ntoskrnl.exe: 971b>
<ntoskrnl.exe: 3d62d>
<ntoskrnl.exe: 3bdf9>
<ntoskrnl.exe: 3cc2c>
<ntoskrnl.exe: 3bdb8>
<ntoskrnl.exe: 3bc1c>
<ntoskrnl.exe: 3ba7f>
<ntoskrnl.exe: 249c2>
<ntoskrnl.exe: 24ba2>
<ntoskrnl.exe: 32ac>

ExceptionRecord->ExceptionAddress = 0xc0005464
KeBugCheckWithTf at ke/catch.c:168
Bug detected (code 1e param 0 0 0 0)

Recursive bug check halting now

This prevents me from ever reaching the point from where i can debug.

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