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Michael michael at
Thu Jan 29 23:43:05 CET 2004

Hi Nate!
Yes, there is :D
Copy the "*.sys" file from "(VMware-dir)\windows.iso\Video\winnt2k" in
"(Reactos-Image)reactos\system32\drivers" and the "*.dll" files in

Then you must edit the registry:
The quickest way is to download only the necessary files, which are in
http:/, the files in it
are in the source, too  
Then edit the "hivesys.inf". You must switch the start-parameter for the
"VGA miniport driver" from 1 to 4 and for the "VMware SVGA driver" from
4 to 1.
Then start ""t and copy the new files into
"(Reactos-Image)reactos\system32\config", or if you use the sources, do
a "make install".

P.S. The simplest method to copy the files is booting from a DOS-FDD
with the files on it.

Hope it helps.

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    I have been frequently downloading ReactOS CVS in vmWare images from, however it appears that they no longer make images 
with the vmWare drivers perinstalled, is there any way that I could 
install the vmWare drivers myself?


Nate DeSimone
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