[ros-kernel] RTL Heap Assumptions...

Filip Navara xnavara at volny.cz
Sat Jul 3 04:59:07 CEST 2004

Royce Mitchell III wrote:

> lib/rtl/heap.c line 1192:
>   pArena->next->prev = pArena->prev;
>   pArena->prev->next = pArena->next;
> win32pad.exe crashes on the first assignment here. I don't have a 
> register dump, yet, but at first glance I'd say that either this is a 
> circular list, or this code should check for NULLs. Can someone 
> confirm for me whether or not the area is a circular list or not?

Crash on this place is caused by heap corruption, the code itself is 
perfectly valid. It happened to me several times and every time it was 
some stupid memory overrun somewhere.


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