[ros-kernel] mmTaskCreate patch - For you sound junkys

PETREOLLE Sylvain Sylvain.PETREOLLE at gefco.fr
Mon Jul 12 00:16:35 CEST 2004

Thank you, Steven and Eric.
I will try it as sooner as possible.

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De : Steven Edwards [mailto:steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com]
Envoyé : dimanche 11 juillet 2004 23:02
À : ros-kernel at reactos.com
Cc : martin2004 at speed-tiscali.at
Objet : [ros-kernel] mmTaskCreate patch - For you sound junkys

If you are interested in getting sound working on ReactOS this patch
will let you load the Wine Winmm.dll under Windows NT 4. Our winmm.dll
needs to be resync'd with winehq so this patch will apply cleanly but
anyone wanting to work on sound could go ahead and hack it in. I would
recommend  trying to load Windows mmdrv.dll under ReactOS with our
wimmm.dll to see if you can get working sound.


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