[ros-kernel] Removable Media Support is Broken.

Hartmut Birr Hartmut.Birr at gmx.de
Tue Jul 13 19:29:49 CEST 2004

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> Awe! Ok! I see what is going on. After doing work with the 
> zip disk (Build/Clean Ros).
> I removed it and reinsert it, I get this debug out put,
> (cc/view.c:206) CC: Failed to flush cache segment.
> (rw.c:371) FAT writing failed, Status 80000016
> (cc/copy.c:280) IoPageWrite failed, Status 80000016
> A lot of that too!
> I can insert the 250M and r/w to it but not the 750M anymore.
> One more thing to solve, flush buffers and cache with removable media,
> Still Hacken,
> James

Usually for removable media is the cache write through. That is not
implemented. The other problem is in VfatVerify. If the old volume isn't
found, VfatVerify must purge the cache. CcPurgeCacheSection is not

- Hartmut

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